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Claudia Grunberger, Interior Designer Grunberger Interiors

Hi, I’m Claudia!

Have you been struggling to find a designer you connect with? A person you can trust to guide you on this deeply personal journey? Someone you can learn from and have fun with? 

My clients long for a home that goes beyond satisfying their needs to one that promotes bliss. Together we discover your design style and build character, creating stunning spaces that say, welcome home. 

The connection between designer and client is undeniably important. I want you to leave our very first meeting brimming with excitement and eager to take the next step in our journey together. 

The Journey Home

I have been fortunate to have lived in some of Europe’s most beautiful cities – London, Paris, Venice, Florence and then Antwerp, Belgium – before finally moving to Long Island, New York.

In each city I created a new home – a place for myself and my family which was inviting, made us feel that we belonged, and reflected our sense of style. I adapted to my surroundings, spoke different languages, connected with diverse cultures, and formed lasting friendships along the way. 

The importance of home has been apparent to me since childhood. My own home was a traditional British garden flat located just down the street from the iconic Abbey Road Studios. It was evidence of how, just by offering a sense of belonging, a home can be magical.

This life journey, with my never-ending quest for home, is undoubtedly the reason why I established Grunberger Interiors. 

Living abroad has opened my mind to new possibilities and enriched my design vision beyond the confines of a classroom education. The rich history of European design is probably the thing I miss most here on Long Island. Bringing that sense of warmth, richness — and a certain je ne sais quoi — to my clients’ homes brings me joy. 

But Enough About Me, I Want To Get To Know You

Accomplishments & Accolades

  • Attended Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design
  • 2018 Founded Grunberger Interiors
  • Received the Bidoli Award for Best Interior Design on Long Island
  • Featured as one of the top 15 interior designers on Long Island by the Long Island Press

Claudia blew me away with her ideas. I so look forward to completing this project with her. I haven’t been this excited about something in a long time!

– Adrienne S. | Freeport, New York