Long Island waterview townhome 

Seaside town of Freeport, NY

…there lived a family of 3 with a college-aged son. 

Life on the south shore of Long Island, with its easy access to the beach and short commute to Manhattan, is beautiful. My clients enjoyed watersports and sailing, so it was no surprise that they gravitated towards a distinctly coastal vibe for their waterview townhome. Together we created a serene color palette emphasizing watery blues and sandy neutrals. 

Their open concept living space was in need of a new floor plan design that would incorporate a dedicated dining area within the existing living room space. Additionally, there was an awkward corner adjacent to the staircase that they did not know how to make sense of and, as such, it had wound up as a catch-all. The entire space needed help and I was happy to provide it.

Their design style… clean lines and coastal living

What I rescued them from… 

  • A home without a dedicated dining area
  • Haphazardly selected and placed accessories
  • Mismatched furnishings that did not fit the space
  • An awkward area rug that was too small in scale

How I Gave Them Their Fairytale Ending: [Process] 

I was called in after a complete kitchen renovation to finish off the area with window treatments, lighting and counter stools. As we began to work together, the clients saw that they could trust my expertise and expanded the scope to include the living space.

They were eager to invest in furniture that was well made and that would last them well into the future. Each piece is classic, yet contemporary and chosen with great intention.

For the compact dining area, I sourced an extendable dining table perfect for everyday use or larger gatherings, two wingback host chairs, a custom banquette and two pull-out faux leather benches for additional seating.

In the corner adjacent to the staircase I added a floor mirror and a woven bar cart with a beautiful table lamp for extra ambient lighting in the space.

Woven accents and textures are featured throughout the space making the space feel effortlessly layered and cozy. I accessorized with colorful accents, sculptures, and family photos. A custom, coastal-inspired flat weave area rug anchors the living room. 

The essence: the spirit of the sea

Their New Storybook Setting: 

A once-awkward corner now has a purpose and feels like part of the room
A pulled together open space with clearly defined areas for different functions/needs

Once upon a time this space was full of unrealized potential. Upon finishing the installation, my clients are thrilled with the results. They adore every detail that went into the space. The mixed metal finishes ranging from black, to silver, and gold, and the intricate weaving of fabrics, leathers, lighting, airy window treatments, and artwork bring them joy.

They are able to display personal mementos from their travels and photos of their loved ones. This is very personal to them and is an honest reflection of their values, tastes and personalities. Their family and friends who come to visit are struck by the cozy feel of the room, and how it not only functions for the three family members on a daily basis, but how the room can accommodate and adapt to larger gatherings.