Merrick Classic Glam

Foyer design, Grunberger Interiors

…there lived a busy family of six with four lovely grown daughters. These global jet setters loved to savor and experience the best that life had to offer. Innately stylish, their travels further enhanced their already sophisticated tastes. 

The homeowner, an avid design enthusiast, had enjoyed furnishing the other areas of her home, but the grand entry foyer had her confused. With its double-height ceilings, soaring windows and dramatic, curved custom staircase and landing, this magnificent space proved difficult to furnish and decorate.

She could not figure out what furniture to select for such a large space or how to arrange it. For years she searched for the right furniture pieces to suit the space. Finally, after much frustration and several expensive missteps, she decided she needed the help of an expert to guide her to her happily ever after. 

Their design style… Luxe, transitional, dramatic

The essence: Classic glamor, luxury, vitality

A vibrant color scheme consisting of green, black, white creates a sophisticated and timeless feel. My client adores classic, modern furnishing, so I used my extensive knowledge of furniture to source furniture in the style of Christopher Guy — a perennial favorite. As you enter the space you are greeted by a meticulously accessorized custom center table.

From across the way an artful console and mirror catch your eye, balancing out the huge space. As your eye travels up the stately staircase fit for a French chateau you spy a magnificent console table and the homeowner’s artwork, which we brought to life with new custom black lacquer frames and linen mats.

In the lounge area, lush green velvet curved sofas provide the ultimate wow factor and an oversized custom rug featuring an organic leaf design anchors the newly imagined space.

I was able to transform the entire area without making any structural changes. I dressed the problematic fireplace with artfully crafted accessories, contemporary artwork and greenery so that it felt cohesive with the overall design. As for the audio speakers and wall vents, I cleverly utilized decor and lighting to camouflage them as much as possible. No sledgehammers or henchmen required!

Their Happily Ever After Features:

  • A grand foyer that welcomes and impresses you from the moment you step through the door
  • A floor plan that actually makes sense
  • A comfortable, richly appointed sitting area that feels cozy despite the grand scale of the room
  • A sophisticated color scheme, luxurious upholstery fabrics, quality furnishings, sculptural accessories, and oversized table lamps

Once upon a time this spectacular space was poorly designed and, as a result, underutilized. Awkward and unwelcoming, no one wanted to spend any time there and so its huge potential was left untapped. With a wave of my magic wand — and many months of work — I transformed it into the focal point it was always meant to be.

Now it’s a place to relax as well as entertain. My clients and their guests can savor tea and scrumptious snacks, have intimate conversations, while enjoying and appreciating the architecture and beauty of the foyer.

Their home is now complete.