Interior Design Services Tailored To Your Needs 

Bringing Design Magic To Long Island Homes 

One Project At A Time

While design is a universal language, no two clients speak the same tongue. With that in mind, I’ve devised a three-step approach that allows me to determine exactly what you need and how to deliver it in a way that works for you. 

Claudia Grunberger, interior designer Grunberger Interiors
Step 1.
 The Discovery Call

Every project starts with a complimentary discovery call. During this 20-minute phone call we will get to know one another, discuss your design wants and needs and see if we are a good fit.

Interior Design Scheme, Grunberger Interiors
Step 2.
The consultation

Next we will schedule your consultation during which I’ll provide inspiration, ideas, and direction for how to achieve your decorating dreams — including a breathtaking tray of fabrics and wallpapers that I have handpicked for you.

Master bedroom design, Grunberger Interiors
Step 3.
 The Design Service You Need

Based on your consultation, I will recommend an interior design service to meet your needs. The following options provide an overview of the different ways in which we can work together.

Interior Design Packages

Claudia quickly understood our style and introduced us to ideas and design elements that we would not otherwise have incorporated, if it had not been for her expert guidance and knowledge."

– Rachel A.

All my design services represent different journeys, but always with the same destination — a fabulous home for you to enjoy and share with those you love.

It’s time to get off the social media merry-go-round that sells you a vision but doesn’t explain how to get there. Begin your design journey with me today, and we’ll create the look you’ve always dreamt of.